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When you’re younger, you think your body is invincible. You do all kinds of things without thinking twice about what the repercussions will be. Drinking too much soda, smoking cigarettes, and even binge eating after eight are poor health habits that some adapt when they’re younger. Unfortunately, it’s not until the late 30s and early 40s that you start to realize how much those bad habits impacted you.

If you want to live a long, prosperous life, taking care of your health and ditching bad habits much be a choice that you make early on. Below are some obvious and not so obvious bad health habits and solutions for kicking them:

  1. Poor Posture: When you were younger, your parents and teachers likely told you to sit up straight and stop slouching. As a kid, you pay it no never mind and continue sitting how you please. The truth, however, is that poor posture can lead to significant back and neck issues later.

The Fix: The fix to poor posture is easy. No slouching in chairs, sit up straight, and don’t walk hunched over.

  1. Snacking on Junk: Candy, potato chips, sweets, and fast foods always taste great. While these cravings may taste good, what most don’t realize is how much junk you’re actually dumping into your body. Prolonged and excessive consumption of unhealthy snacks and junk food can lead to medical conditions light diabetes and heart disease. Not to mention, obesity is likely in your future.

The Fix: Find alternative snacks to munch on and eat the sweet, fried, and salty treats on occasion.

  1. Experimenting with Drugs: When you’re younger, the temptation to try out drugs is likely something that goes through your mind. Smoking a little pot here and there, a molly or two when you’re going out to a club, and whatever other drugs your friends might offer you. The only issue as you know is that with the use of any drug there is the potential risk for becoming addicted.

The Fix: Obviously, the quickest fix would be to avoid the use of drugs period. However, if you’ve picked up a habit, started abusing drugs, or are struggling with addiction, going to a rehab facility in your area such as Georgia Drug Rehab can provide you with long-term solutions to fighting addiction.

  1. Too Much Stress: Stress is normal in anyone’s life, however, when you’re enduring too much stress it can lead to serious health issues. Modern life for most means busier schedules, more responsibilities, and the same 24 hours – which means more stress. Too much stress can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, a weakened immune system, and obesity. It can also lead to self-medicating.

The Fix: There are several ways you can combat stress. Start by evaluating your life and looking at where the most stressful areas are. Start saying no when you have too much to do, ask for help when you need it, and more importantly, take time for you doing things like yoga, meditation, and even a nice massage to unwind.

  1. Skipping Breakfast: You get up, you’re late for work or school and you dart out the door without so much as a piece of toast. Skipping breakfast is probably the worst thing you can do for your health. Failure to eat the first meal of the day can lead to issues with your hormones, memory loss, changes in mood, and slowed metabolism, loss of concentration and weight gain.

The Fix: Quite simply, eat breakfast daily. If you don’t have time for a full meal, consider smaller and faster things for breakfast. This might include cereal bars, yogurt, a piece of fruit, oatmeal, toast, or a breakfast sandwich.

  1. Not Drinking Enough Water: Water is essential to a good quality of life. However, most don’t like the tasteless drink and opt to skip out on it. However, since the body is comprised of mostly water, not drinking enough can lead to dehydration which can cause basic symptoms like dry skin and fatigue, but can also lead to more serious issues like kidneys that don’t function as well causing toxins to accumulate in the body.

The Fix: Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you don’t like the taste of water, adding fruit or water flavoring to the mix can make it more appetizing.
Bad habits are easy to start and hard to break. However, failure to break those listed above can really lead to a decline in your health. If you want the opportunity to live a full, healthy, and complete life, it is imperative that you begin taking the steps towards kicking these bad habits, and getting help for those you can’t kick on your own.


Considering that many people have different bodies, with some who find it easier to lose weight and still maintain the shape while others lose weight but still struggle to keep shape because of the side effects that there body cannot keep up to the intensive body regular exercises, this is not a problem anymore because not all are blessed with an effective metabolism rate, some may suffer with constant weight gain and flabbiness while others have it easier when it comes to weight losing.

This should not make you feel less fortune, in comparison to the seven-day diet that the GM diet plan is giving you this is considered to be the most effective and the best way that you can keep in shape for the rest of your entire life, this method is known as the bulletproof diet method it is an effective two-week program that leaves you in shape and enables you to maintain your body in the easiest way possible.

This method is not only effective to the body but also to the mind therefore it makes sure that an individual is well physically and mentally and that is inside out you feel marvelous.

The Enemies of Fitness

One of the most notorious culprit of causing weight gain is inflammation some people will tell you that at some point in their lives there are days that they feel they are heavier compared to other days, while other days you feel that you have lost some weight, what inspires this nature of confusion we may not know. But with some knowledge passed along we know that the increasing of weight and having irregular loss of weight is a cause of inflammation which in turn causes drastic chronic aging of the skin.

But we cannot continue without proper understanding of what inflammation really means, a simple definition can be described as, inflammation to be the body normal reaction to trauma, stress of toxin and therefore the body swells to heal itself, but abnormal inflammation that continues for months causes serious body diseases such cardiovascular disease, heart disease and diabetes.

What you ought to avoid antinutrients.

There are several antinutrients that one should avoid to make sure that they continue to stay healthy for their body to be fit. Some of these foods includes the following list. But before we summarize on these antinutrients, we should ask ourselves are these antinutrients important to our bodies, if so why then should we avoid them, and the reasons as to why are given as we continue below, yes antinutrients are essential to our body because they play an important role to the normal function of our brain in our day to day lives. But the issue that arises is that they cause cravings for food and can cause a lot of destruction when it come to achieving your goal of losing weight. Some of these antinutrients to avoid are

Lectins: this is a type o protein that attaches itself to the sugar lining and causes disruption of digestion in the small intestine

Phytates: this antinutrient binds to the dietary minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium and slow down absorption in the body.

Oxalates: these are vegetables oxalic acids that combines with calcium and causes muscle pain in the body

Mold toxins: these are small dosages found in every meal that are known as mycotoxin that leads to lack of energy and profound craving for fats and sugars that tampers with the cognitive performance.

In summary, by keeping away from these antinutrients you are on your way to achieving the best results of a lifetime.






As a dog owner, you’re probably more worried about fleas and heartworms than you are about seizures. In fact, you probably didn’t even know that it was possible for dogs to suffer from seizures or epilepsy, but it certainly is. Dogs can have seizures with no warning, leaving owners frightened and confused about what is happening.

When dogs have seizures, they are likely to fall down quickly and begin twitching or shaking. Their leg movements are similar to what they do when treading water, and they may drool, foam at the mouth, or slap their jaws together. If this happens to your dog, he will most likely lose consciousness, and the seizure may last a few seconds or up to a minute. Your dog may seem tired or confused for a while afterward.

What Causes Seizures in Dogs?

Dogs can suffer a single seizure, called an ictus, from a disturbance in normal brain function. If your dog suffers multiple seizures, he most likely has epilepsy.

Idiopathic epilepsy is the most likely cause of seizures in dogs as it is very common. Idiopathic epilepsy is an inherited condition. But unless you purchased your dog from a long-time (and honest) breeder, you are unlikely to know if your dog has a family history. Breeds like the Labrador Retriever and the Shetland Sheepdog seem especially prone to the condition. The exact cause of idiopathic epilepsy is not known.

Some other health conditions can also cause seizures. Common causes include brain trauma, brain tumors, kidney failure, liver disease, anemia, stroke, and blood sugar irregularity. The ingestion of certain toxins can also lead to seizures, as can eating something to which the dog is allergic.

Seizures most often occur when your dog experiences changes to brain activity, such as upon waking up or falling asleep or when becoming very excited.

What to Do during a Seizure

It is very important to know what to do if your dog is having a seizure. Responding inappropriately can put your dog in danger.

First, remain calm. It can be frightening when your dog has a seizure – especially if it’s the first time – but do not panic. If you panic, you can make poor decisions that make the situation worse.

Don’t move your dog or touch him while he is having the seizure. Since his muscles are convulsing so quickly and strongly, trying to move him could cause a serious injury. However, you should make sure that the area around him is clear so that nothing else gets in the way of those convulsions and causes an injury. For example, you don’t want your dog to convulse into a solid wood table and get a concussion. If there are things nearby that can’t be moved, such as a brick fireplace, you can put cushions against the item to protect your dog.

Do not put your fingers in your dog’s mouth. He will not swallow his tongue or choke on it. Putting your fingers in your dog’s mouth puts you in danger of being seriously bitten.

If you are able to act quickly enough, it’s a good idea to take a video of the seizure while it is happening. You can show this to your vet to aid in making an accurate diagnosis of what’s causing the seizure. Include your dog’s follow-up behavior on the video, as well.

After a Seizure

Contact your vet for a follow-up appointment if your dog has a seizure. You only need emergency care if the seizure lasts for more than five minutes. Otherwise, you can see your vet at the next opportunity.

Your vet will ask you many questions about the seizure and your dog’s history. The vet will perform a physical exam and may run some tests, such as a stool test or an electrocardiogram. Your vet will be looking for signs of an underlying medical condition, such as kidney failure.

Typically, your dog will not require treatment unless he has more than one seizure a month or has intense seizures. Anticonvulsant medication may be prescribed. Many owners also find success with cannabinoid products that provide nutritional benefits from whole plant extracts to improve overall health and wellness in the dog.

Seizures in dogs can be scary, but they are treatable and manageable. Talk to your vet about your concerns and look beyond traditional therapies for relief.


The chances are you may have an older loved one that you’re concerned about and want to offer this person your home. This may allow you to be able to keep a close eye on this person and can even decrease the amount of worry you have daily for this individual. However, you will want to do all you can to ensure this transition will go well for you both. Being aware of tips that can assist in knowing what to do in this situation is sure to be ideal for you.

Tip #1: Set up a medical alert system

If you want to be acutely aware of the safety of this individual at all times, you may want to set up medical alerts for seniors. This can be achieved with ease, and you will have the peace of mind in always knowing your loved one is a button push away from help.

This device is ideal for your loved one to have on hand while you’re away at work or simply out running errands. It can be a real challenge to be at home all the time you lead a busy life, and this is one thing that can be helpful.

Some of the benefits of this type of system do include that it’s affordable and offers around the clock service. You simply may not find anything else like this that meets your needs.

Tip #2: Make the home senior friendly

It’s a great idea to find ways you can work to make your home easier to use for older people loved ones living with you. Of course, you may need to find ways that can help with aging and elderly care in this situation.

Listed below are some things you can do in your home to make this happen:

  1. Avoid having too many small rugs down that could cause your loved one to slip and fall.
  2. Put railing on all of the staircase areas in your home for this elderly person to hang on to at all times.
  3. Don’t leave any clutter on the floor or kid toys because this could cause your loved one to have an unfortunate accident.
  4. Make things easier to get access to if your loved one is in a wheelchair and can’t walk around with ease.

Redo the bathroom area

One of the chief places an elderly loved one is likely to face maneuverability and access challenges is in the bathroom. This makes it a great idea to do all you can to make this area more friendly to use for an older individual.

Some things you will want to be sure to do is put a handle or rail near the toilet to allow this person to get up and down with ease. Additionally, you will want to take some time in the shower area to make it as user-friendly as possible with age.

Some things you can do around the shower is put up railing that can help this person take a bath with ease. Be sure to put down mats that can prevent falls from occurring while in this wet area of the home at all times.

Using a private space

Of course, allowing this person to have the full range of your home is ideal, but you will want to find a private space for your loved one to live in each day. This can be the best way to avoid a number of situations that could not allow an elderly person to have a higher quality of life.

For instance, you may want to consider the attic or basement for your loved one to sleep in and have time alone. Studies do show the average size of the attic is 1,000 square feet and this is ample room for one person to live.

The key to feeling better about the quality of life of an older loved one may depend on finding a place in your home for this individual to live. This is sure to be helpful for you both and may be easy for you to get accomplished!